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HNZ: My hopes, plans & ideas

So, normally I use HNZ to blog rant about whatever has been annoying me, on or off of the site. I’ve even considered writing a “how to blawg rant” sort of blog rant where I would analyze my own blog rantings to see what made them so humorous to some and offensive to others. This […]

My Greatest Disappearing Act Evar!

Okay, so maybe not. xD If I were a magician, I would have been fired already. Or my pet rabbits and doves would’ve revolted and become meat eaters. All that’d be left of me would be my silk handkerchief and my spiffy black and white shoes. No repeat performances. haha! The truth in a nutshell […]

Summertime is here!!!

Hi there, and welcome to my very first blog as a GM on HNZ ๐Ÿ˜€ Something that I still can’t believe happened. I was so shocked when I was first asked about joining the Site Staff, I really couldn’t believe it. But that’s in the past now and I’ve stopped staring at my pretty name….much […]

Sending a PM: The importance of your title.

A minor annoyance of mine is this:People who send me personal messages on the board but title them whatever they’d like, or like they’d title a roleplay – perhaps with nothing to do with the contents of the PM or with very little to do with it, at any rate. Often, I’d even prefer no […]

Warning: This is a Typical Abby Post

I don’t mean to steal the thunder from Linda’s very first blog post ever, (as an avid blogger who once wrote an article titled “To Those About to Blog, I Salute You” for a high school newspaper, I salute you Linda ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but I figured it was about time for a post from me. […]

Leg Hurts – Brain Dead – Life Goes On

So basically this is my first post to the blawg and I feel utterly ashamed of it. Unlike others I don’t get the whole blog experience, never thrilled me in the slightest. But if I must I must, so here goes my own rant if that be the word for it. The past few weeks […]

Posi-Blawg: A little bit of a positive rant

I try to blog monthly now, though for a while I was attempting once a day (long, long ago), and I recently noticed that, by the time I’m ready to blog again – something has come up that really irks me, warrants a rant, and may come off negative-sounding. I tend to try to put […]