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Merry Christmas! :)

So first of all, Merry Christmas everyone!!! 😀 I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy them! If I thought my November was busy, that was hardly anything compared to my December! I have been working like CRAZY! I have never wanted to quit my job so badly than the past few […]

Oh Look A Shiny Penny…

Two weeks from tomorrow, Rich will be home from a year’s deployment in Afghanistan. I’m excited, nervous, happy, anxious and so damned scatter brained it’s not even funny. Okay, well maybe it’s a little funny. I’m a little burnt on rping right now. Just trying to get the house ready and set up the Christmas […]

Brace Yourselves!

Hey guys, it’s Abby, I know I haven’t been around on HNZ much lately so I’m sorry for that, but I had to focus on a few other things (aka real life) for a while before I felt ready to get back on HNZ. Since November I’ve been rather busy! I visited New York for […]