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Archive for November, 2009

My Life Today (with a side of HNZ)

So after missing two days of school, and being off of school for five days – I think it’s safe to say that I was out of practise in various subjects and very ill prepared for the day that awaited me today.I knew I’d missed two tests last week, and was prepared to write them […]

My turn I suppose…

Pharyngitis. To most it’d be a sentence of staying home from school, missing work, being miserably sick. But not for me. Bahahaha! I got to spend over 3 hours at the hospital with a male nurse who looked just like L.L. Cool J. Then after they stuck cotton swabs down my throat and irrigated my […]

A Return to Blogging

I’ve decided to try blogging again, once in a while, but now on HNZ’s blog with the rest of HNZ’s site staff helping out, posting their own little blog entries, and hopefully having a very awesome area for members to check in on the site, and its staff, in one place. Individual blogs on ZetaBoards […]

Hogwarts New Zealand: A Blog (Introduction)

Hello, and welcome to the blog of Hogwarts New Zealand. Site Staff have access to this blog to post anything and everything that is on their minds. Whether it be work, school, the troubles of life off of the internet, the troubles of life on the internet, the joys of life, what we’re working on […]