Hogwarts New Zealand: A Blog (Introduction)

Hello, and welcome to the blog of Hogwarts New Zealand. Site Staff have access to this blog to post anything and everything that is on their minds. Whether it be work, school, the troubles of life off of the internet, the troubles of life on the internet, the joys of life, what we’re working on now or anything at all.
We invite you to take a small look at our world, as we see it, hear what’s troubling us, what’s got us excited, learn a bit about us and hopefully, through your comments, we’ll learn a bit about you, too.
This blog will also be used, on occasion, to discuss the future of HNZ, what direction we see it going in, what our plans are, little hints of future updates and many other things.

So, welcome to our blog, we hope you enjoy what it becomes over time,

~The HNZ Site Staff

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