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What the HELL is a [Pureblood]?!

I’ve been seeing a lot of pureblood applications and denying my fair share of them. But why are so many of them denied?

Put simply, I’m not convinced that people on HNZ really understand what it is to be a Pureblood.
The Pureblood Site Doc explains that:

J.K Rowling has stated that ‘true’ pure-bloods do not exist in the magical world, and that any family that claims to be entirely ‘pure’ has simply erased muggles and squibs from their family trees.

This means that “pureblood” by definition can never be entirely met. So what, then? The site documentation goes on to explain what we’ll consider a pureblood:

With this knowledge in mind we have set our definition of a ‘Pureblood’ to be that all great-grandparents and any direct ancestors below them were all magical. This, of course, also means that your character can have two magical parents and still not be a ‘pure-blood’.

What the document fails to explain is that your character can also have two parents who are not pureblood and still be, themselves, a pureblood (for the considerations of HNZ).

How is that even possible?!” you may be thinking to yourself. Well, it’s quite simple, actually. Just take a look at this helpful chart I’ve made:

Pureblood Explanatory Chart
Nick’s awesome art explaining HNZ policy

In the above image, only the person in red is a pureblood. The rest of the family, though, is obviously magical. Why aren’t the pureblood’s parents also purebloods? We simply don’t see their great-grandparents (another set of 8 people per parent (16 more people if you consider them together), one of which could have surely been non-magical – who knows?). Maybe their parents are purebloods. But then the odds of their grandparents also being purebloods? Extremely unlikely – another 12 people per grandparent to consider.

So, when a person submits a pureblood request but says that their character is a pureblood because all the way back to their great-grandparents are also purebloods… that’s just ridiculous. And approving 15 purebloods at once is something we’re extremely unlikely to undertake.

So, when you apply for a pureblood remember these simple things:

  • Your character’s direct ancestors, up to their great-grand parents are required to be magical but not purebloods
  • Your character can be the first pureblood in their family.
  • Approving 15+ purebloods at once is not something we like to do, or likely will do.
  • Your character can’t be part-giant/part-veela/part-monkey and still be a pureblood
  • Nick likes cookies and Cyndi likes chocolate
    These point will help you a lot!

I hope this clarifies a few things and helps you in all future pureblooding adventures!


Post-Script: And try not to be too cliche in your applications! Originality gets you 5 million bonus points. The cliche applications are:

  1. My character is pureblood, thinks they’re better than everybody else, will hate everybody – not being a pureblood will change their character tonnes
  2. My character is pureblood, thinks they’re better than everybody else, but this will change and they will see the error of their ways
  3. My character is a pureblood, but doesn’t think anything of it. They will show that not all purebloods are bad. (Or they will crusade for the rights of people who aren’t purebloods.)

If you could shy away from those topics… that’d be grand. 😉

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