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A Return to Blogging

I’ve decided to try blogging again, once in a while, but now on HNZ’s blog with the rest of HNZ’s site staff helping out, posting their own little blog entries, and hopefully having a very awesome area for members to check in on the site, and its staff, in one place. Individual blogs on ZetaBoards are great, but sometimes it’s hard to notice new posts and things – with this it will be possible to subscribe to the blog, follow it, and get relevant updates as need be. Which is pretty nifty, I think.

So life over the past week has been insane for me. The week started off well enough, I suppose, but then Tuesday evening, when I got home from school, my mom’s cat (Hobo) wasn’t doing so well. I was concerned about him, but had to go to work. So I set him down on my mom’s bed (he couldn’t walk for some reason) and left for my job. I called home to check up on him several times throughout the night, and when I got home and checked on him myself he was on my mom’s bed, dead. He was 18, and I’d known him my entire life. My mom’s had him longer than she’s had me. It’s tough thinking that he’s not around the house any more and we all miss him immensely.
I had a test on Wednesday, and one on Thursday, but with Hobo’s death I was certain that if I wrote them I’d fail. So I didn’t go to school Wednesday or Thursday, I spent time with my mom instead – which was alright, I suppose.
Thursday night I had a session meeting at my church, the first one since I became an elder, and that went alright. I came home and my mom told me about some family drama (which I don’t feel comfortable sharing at the moment) that I now also have to deal with.
Then Friday came. Friday was a P.D day (no school! Thank God!) but I had to go to school anyway to work on filming a Literature project with my group. That, too, went alright but it took a fair deal of time and I’m sure I could have spent my day some better way.
Today I’m trying to rest, relax, get some sleep maybe. I’m also planning on seeing The Blind Side with my family and a friend this evening, which I hope to be enjoyable.

Tomorrow I might be going to see 2012 with my church youth group, and I have to study for all the tests I’ve missed. :)

So now for the portion of my blog where I discuss HNZ.
I feel a bit bad for Summer Break being cut a day or two short, but it’ll be closing Monday, most likely, as that is when Semester two begins.
Along with Semester 2 comes Apparition lessons for sixth years, and lots of other exciting things (I hope).
I’ve been tyring to revamp the Ministry a bit, as it has been inactive, mainly by bringing more Aurors in to the picture. Death Eaters on HNZ have always been strong – so now making it easier to become an auror should help balance things a bit.

Other than that, planning for Y9’s Tri-Wizard tournament is underway and a few more surprises are hidden about.
As far as the OOC Community goes, I’m hoping to get voting prepared for the OOC Superlatives and then wait most anxiously for the results. xD


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