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So after missing two days of school, and being off of school for five days – I think it’s safe to say that I was out of practise in various subjects and very ill prepared for the day that awaited me today.
I knew I’d missed two tests last week, and was prepared to write them today. Biology went by quickly (we never do much there) and soon enough I was on my way to literature – when I learned that I had another test! I was entirely unaware of a third test for the day. Fortunately my teacher was kind enough and allowed me the period to study before I came back to class and wrote the test, which was fill-in-the-blank on the most minute details of Heart of Darkness. Any questions I didn’t know the answer to I simply put the stupidest answer I could think of for (that’s always the best way to go – humour).
Then I had law, where we learned (via a group’s presentation) about Socrates and the Socratic method. In a few days I’ll have to present on Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Then Chemistry came, where I was supposed to have my first test – and the teacher was away, so it looks like that test will be pushed back to tomorrow.
At lunch I had to sign up for grad photos (this year is going by so0o0o0o quickly =( ) then after lunch I had a math test – which was death. Given the last week for me, I was more than ill-prepared for that test and I simply hope I passed it. That would be nice. At this point my goal for math is to get the credit, then be done with the whole damned thing. >_<;
Following math comes English, where we watched some Hamlet, and Business Leadership where I didn’t do much.

Now for where HNZ comes in to the picture.
All of our site staff have been quite busy over the past week or two, we’ve been keeping things running on HNZ but the nice little things we try to do (like the weekly updates, for instance) haven’t been working out so well, and so easily.
The weekly update is actually quite time consuming. First we must compile a list of updates, changes, upcoming events. Next we try to write a paragraph (or thereabouts) for each topic and finally we need to code the whole thing to not just be a giant block of text. The most time consuming part of the coding always turns out to be the highlighted roleplays, which very few people like to contribute to, anyway. (By the way -> Shoot Livvy a PM to have your plot highlighted!)
With all that, doing it once a week has become near impossible, it seems. Even a bi-weekly update seems more amiable (with perhaps special updates in between) then the regular once a week. It’s less pressure on site staff, and gives us more time between updates.
Now, that’s just my thoughts, and I haven’t even discussed them with Livvy, or Linda, or Abby – because I’m not even sure we’ll all stay this busy forever. If doing it once a week is possible again in the near future I don’t want to change the system too many times, but at this point the future looks bleak for “Weekly” updates, I fear.

Aside from that Livvy and I have been inundated with applications for tonnes of things, so please bear with us. With my ever-more busy schedule and Livvy’s present sickness we’re sorting things as best we can. We try to reply to all applications within a week, if not much much sooner.

Anyhow, I think that another “Weekly Update” will be posted today, and that may well be where this blog is first linked to. Exciting? A little bit. =) So I better go work on that.

‘Til next blawg,


P.S: What are your thoughts on the weekly updates? Comment on the blog post and share your input! ^_^
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