Oh Look A Shiny Penny…

Two weeks from tomorrow, Rich will be home from a year’s deployment in Afghanistan. I’m excited, nervous, happy, anxious and so damned scatter brained it’s not even funny. Okay, well maybe it’s a little funny.

I’m a little burnt on rping right now. Just trying to get the house ready and set up the Christmas tree and decorate the place. At least I have Logan’s Christmas shopping done, he’s uber easy. He’s not like other 4 year olds, he’s like this little throw back who likes old school stuff and doesn’t care for video games or battery operated gizmos. His own imagination is big enough thank you very much. xD

So I gotta like, dress up for Rich’s ceremony. I don’t wanna! Me? In a dress? Boooo. And wear heels? Ew! I thought maybe some nice jeans, my kickass snow boots (which I effing love!) and a nice sweater. Yeah, he said no. So I gotta wear a stupid dress and shave my stupid legs and put on stupid makeup and get my stupid hair done. But I guess it’ll be worth it if it’ll make him happy.

HNZ wise, I was going to try to figure out the Wheelbarrow race, but with things being so hectic, I can’t commit to it yet. So it’ll have to wait until next school year to start it. I’m looking forward to some plots, such as Cecily and Prodan having their first baby in a few weeks! And things planned for Hollace and just some general craziness for my boys, Crispin and Sumner.

Very excited about upcoming auror plots, it gives me the opportunity to use Edward more, which I’m sure a lot of people with older Aurors could agree with. ^_^

Prolly won’t be able to blog or do much for the next few weeks. Crazy crazy RL until after Rich gets off that plane. And even then it’ll be a stress factory, because he has ptsd from war and it’ll be like having a trained bear at home…one that could rip your face off at any minute. lmao.

Hope your guys’ holidays are bright and that you all love one another.

See you around,

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One reply on “Oh Look A Shiny Penny…”

"and shave my stupid legs"

That's my favorite part and uuugh I hate shaving my legs in the winter too! xD

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