“Mr. Owl, how many blog rants does it take to get to the brain-centre of a thick-skulled brain-holder?”

That is the question I pose to myself a lot. (As opposed to the traditional “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”)
I don’t have very original blog rants lately. Mostly the same thing over and over. Members need to be more patient. Recognize they are not the only person needing help/approval/a reply/whatever. But still, I get members who want to “remind” me that the application they submitted three hours prior needs approving. Well gee, thanks guys. You’re right. I’d forgotten.

I can understand every member making that mistake once – or that some people might not read these blog rants… but it’s the members who do it over and over that bother me. Or the ones who recently got in hot water for breaking board rules (yes, sometimes even with regard to the application they are submitting) and then still have the audacity to “remind” me of things. I have a queue, people, and if you’re at the back: you’re at the back. If you’re at the back and you “remind” me: Well gee! You’re so nice! Letting all those other applications slip in front of yours!

This week has been crazier than ever for me. Why? Well, it goes like this:

  • University Acceptances Received
    • Which program do I accept?
    • Which will most assist me in my future aspirations?
  • Scolarship information came in
  • University open house -> Convinced me I should likely double major for my undergrad
  • Chemistry Final Summative Evaluation. Over 12 hours of work over the past two days. Plus about 14 hours for sleep, and then time allotted for Church, Bible Study, and Family – o00ooo0 look, a full weekend!
  • Memorizing my script for my drama scene study
  • The TriWizard Tournament

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. No, it’s not all negative stress, but it’s all stress and things I have to do. So I cut back in areas. Chiefly, I cut back in HNZ over the past four days but will catch up soon enough. I stopped processing applications like a mad man. Replied to very selective personal messages and topics as my time allowed. Role-played for my own enjoyment and to destress a bit. (All crazy and absurd, I know!)



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One reply on ““Mr. Owl, how many blog rants does it take to get to the brain-centre of a thick-skulled brain-holder?””

I suggest making them walk the plank. Every time someone does that, use your super-admin-powers to change their signature to say "I'm a dirty landlubber who needs to be made to walk the plank. I will not be allowed back on board until I apologise to the Nicktator."

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