Snow and more snow!

Yes, this blog is mostly about snow. It is white, it sparkles in the sun, and very cold. Sound like a Twilight vampire? Maybe that is why it is an epic fail! All snow does here is cut out of school, which means less HNZ time in the spring for I will be busting my ass in Calculus. Guess what? We have much more today than we ever had this winter. Even though I really hate going to school, it still sucks that we have to stay in during the summer. I might be eighteen when I actually graduate. Which will be in August. School until August. I will go ape-wild.

They salted my roads. That is a plus. Maybe this time we won’t have to go without water. I can only hope. I love my showers. So much, you don’t even know. I can shower all day if the hot water was on forever. But it runs out too quickly. It makes me sad.

What else makes me sad is knowing that we have no car. Yet. God will provide though! My mom prayed, this is actually ironic, for snow so she could get out of work. She has been having a rough time at work. And… We have so much snow, it is ridiculous. She was like, “Not this much!”

Some people get on my nerves, and I don’t show it. If something is changed, there is a good reason. Don’t complain over it, please. It just adds more stress. The single set of smileys is perfect. Toki works soo hard on them. They look so cute! My favorite out of them all has to be the lol one. I just love it! Mine is adorable too. I love the black hat!

I am managing lessons very well with the characters needed. I am really sad about Niccy and Kalif. They are soo cute! Why must they both be so stubborn, realize they love each other and make many, many babies! I can’t wait for Hades and Pat to step in. Oh how much fun it will be getting the parents back together! It is strange how we have everything planned out, and we get so mad about characters but know it is just going to end up all right. That is the best part about RPing. I just adore it.

Anyways, enough for now.
A promise is a promise, Nickles.

~ Kaitlyn

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One reply on “Snow and more snow!”

"I can shower all day if the hot water was on forever."
I choose to take this inappropriately.

As to the new emote sets: yes, people upset me, too, as you have been able to discern from my own blawg post. xD
When I saw some of the posts I was like:
Soo0o0o0o0 mean.

At any rate: I'm glad you finaallllyyy followed through on this. 😉

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