The New Year, so Far

So, I forgot when New Year’s Day was, and how I spent that night. I didn’t drink of course, thankfully, but I think I spent my New Year’s on Skype with a few awesome people. My break off of school was relaxing to say the least. Two weeks off, that is a freaking bonus from everything, and I passed all my classes! Woots! I didn’t think I was going to pass English, but hey, it is a college course that really just bothers me so much because of how freaking boring it is! My favorite class happens to be Calculus, because not only is my teacher the most awesome and smartest (which you can’t find out here where I happen to live) and he is the funniest, but the class itself is nothing but math. And I adore math. Numbers, variables, yeah.
So, I have gone on about my obsession with math, when I was supposed to go on about the New Years. So, I spent my entire break on HNZ, doing plots and just RPing like crazy while making graphics. Nothing unusual until I received the purple name. It is still a shock for me, and getting used to being the n00b. Haha. Then, we got out of school for two extra weeks? Happy, am I? Of course! Except for the constant supply of water coming in and going out, coming in and going out, driving me literally INSANE. Once you get your water back, you really come to appreciate it. Like the sounds of a washer going or the running water of a toilet. You really miss that when you don’t have water. Yes, this has been a rough time for me, but hey, there were people in worse conditions like no food and no heat. (Nearly ran out of groceries here a bit ago, but God blessed us with sun and BAM we were at Walmart!)
Something funny also happened this year. Mom’s car said two colorful words and died on us. It was only in the thirties (F) so it wasn’t that bad. Mom’s car never has heat anyway so… We got home via cousin (not Kelsey because I wouldn’t trust her driving skills right now. xD ) and it only costed us $52 to have it towed and checked out! Mom’s car has been leaking oil, and that’s why it died. It had no oil to…drink. Interesting year to start out with, huh?

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